Child Safety Products

Child Safety Products

A baby holds a special place in our hearts. As they grow up, they play a lot and wish to explore new things. But kids injure themselves while at play. Most of the injuries are predictable, and you can prevent them with the right safety tools. Pace Pinnacle intends to make kindergartens, preschools, day care centres and homes, a safe place for children to play and learn. We have in our range, the right safety products for a safe child environment. We can vouch for the quality of our childproofing products. Different types of child safety products such as Wall corner guards, Door slam stoppers, Table corner protectors, etc protect your child against unwanted risks. The type of Child safety product you require will be based on the layout of the room and the age of the child.

Injuries due to finger entrapment and sharp edges are some of the most commonly reported accidents each year in playschools, kindergartens and primary schools across India. And surprisingly, these numbers are alarmingly high. There is very little awareness and support when it comes to child safety products specially designed for Preschools in India. We develop innovative and superior quality safety products for infants and growing kids. With more awareness and support, we wish to create a 100% safe environment for kids to grow, learn, and play.

From infants to growing kids, Pace Pinnacle offers everything that you want to baby proof your home, its surroundings, and other places. Our highly-skilled baby safety experts develop the right solution to keep your baby safe from injuries at home and in School.

Today, parents want to make sure there are enough child safety measures in schools or daycare centers before they send their kids. At Pace Pinnacle, we supply innovative Finger guards, Wall corner guards, Wall paddings, Door blockers and many other safety products that will prevent finger pinching or injuries due to sharp corners & edges. We want parents to feel safe when they drop their children to preschools and daycare centers, knowing that their child is in an accident-free environment.


Our innovative range of child safety products:

Door Finger Alert

  • Finger guards for doors
  • Covers large gap between door and door frame
  • Avoids finger entrapment
  • Avoid injuries from Crushing fingers / toes
  • Reliable and safe solution for schools, kindergartens, daycares & hospitals
  • SKG-IKOB® certified (EN16654 & NEN8654)
  • Available lengths in different lengths
  • Available in different colors & transparent material
  • Strips are provided with pre-installed Tesa tape and pre-drilled holes (for screws)
  • Tested for 10,00,000 door open and close movements.
  • Quick & Easy installation

Corner Guards

  • Protection from sharp corners and edges
  • Corner protection for tables
  • Avoid injuries from falling or crashing
  • Reliable and safe solution for schools, kindergartens, daycares & hospitals
  • Indoor and outdoor use (weatherproof)
  • Bite-resistant, EN71 standard
  • Flame retardant (UL94 HBF)
  • Heat & Cold Resistant
  • Robust and shock absorbing
  • Available in different Dimensions & colors
  • Made of Polyurethane integral foam with closed skin
  • Highly Durable, Subtle, protective and easy to clean
  • Easy & Quick installation

Door Stoppers

  • Prevents doors from slamming shut
  • Avoid injuries from Crushing fingers / toes
  • Avoids finger entrapment
  • Reliable and safe solution for schools, kindergartens, daycares & hospitals
  • Heavy duty and durable
  • Tested for 250,000 repetitions.
  • Complies with EN 71-3
  • Cute Hand & Foot design
  • Quick and easy to install

Child Safe Pillar/Wall Guard

  • Protects children from knocking against walls and pillars
  • Childproof wall and pillar protection
  • Protects from stumbles floors & Reduces floor noise
  • Suitable for kindergartens, schools, homes and sports facilities
  • For indoor and outdoor use (weatherproof)
  • Robust, shock absorbing and bite resistant
  • Easy to install, use and clean
  • Non-toxic material
  • EN 71 and EN UNI 913:2009 certified